Water Damage and Mold Remediation

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Water damage issues are turning out to be a real problem affecting offices and homes. Common water damage issues are brought by due to several issues such as faulty drain lines, storm flooding, shower pan leaking and even having a leaking water supply. Any damp place is said to be the breeding ground for mold growth. It takes little effort and such an environment for the mold to thrive and spread rapidly. Mold is known to cause all sort of health complications such as constant sneezing, irritation of the eyes, chronic fatigue, rashes, and persistent headaches. You should have in place preventative measures such as regular maintenance of the plumbing system and ways of keeping up when flooding occurs. It is of utmost importance to contact a water damage and mold remediation company to help you solve this menace. Having regular checks For you to be in a position to deal with water damage in your place it is vital to have regular check-ups especially for the plumbing system around the premises. Any leaking pipes, especially in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement, can cause extensive damage to your property. Replace any old, loose and rusty pipes which might lead to water damage.

We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that we provide competent technicians to help you solve any leaks in your property.  Acting fast in case of a water damage always proves vital since a lot of things become salvageable. Money gets to be saved since the water damage and invasion of mold in any property tend to create inhospitable conditions that are life-threatening. In case of water damage, you are supposed to react by trying to get the water out of your place quickly by using brooms, water pumps, and even buckets as you wait for professional help. If you have a carpet that is completely soaked in water just remove it and try to dry the affected areas.  In the case of the furniture, it is advisable to get them outside to try and improve the drying process. Most people don t like going through all that struggle and hustle and that’s where the services of a profession are needed.  What do we have to offer  Thorough Inspection The first thing that we do when we visit a client who has suffered from water damage is we conduct a thorough inspection around the house. This helps us know what we are going to deal with and establish the extent of destruction that has taken place. With this vital information, we are in a good position to know where to start and what should follow. Through the inspection, we also get to come up with the best solution to help us tackle the situation in your property.


Timeliness The good thing about dealing with a professional company is that you are assured of any deadlines. As a water damage restoration company we work keeping the time factor in mind. Reliability is something we aim and go for since we want to maintain good relationships with our customers.  Professional Equipment Simple or DIY methods roughly get the water out but not totally out. We have state of the art equipment and tools that help us deal with any damages caused. We not only leave our client’s properties dry and clean we also do repairs on the affected areas to avoid a recurrence.  Mold Remediation Process Needs A Professional.   For mold remediation, it should only be done by a competent team with the appropriate tools and gear. By working with our professionals your mold-infested home is inspected and the affected areas are dried and use of special chemicals is used to avoid a recurrence of the growth. We conduct the inspection in places around your property to help determine the spread of the mold growth.  Our technicians ensure that they have covered every corner of your property making sure that there no traces of mold left. We are an EPA approved mold remediation company that will work to bring back the sanity back to your home.